Friday, 24 February 2017

The Autism Journey begins but I prepared Snacks

So after the revelation on my last post I've had some time to digest and I in a really good place.

My son is beautiful and will always be a shining light in my life and all I know is we'll be taking a different route to his amazing-ness that the path trod by neurotypical children (yes I learnt a new word ooh fancy),

Learning and help that is the way I going to get this autism thing down, and that is what has been happening, which in turn is making me so positive.

Just need to give a big shout out to my Nursery and Kent County Council and they have been so so so so so helpful.

We're already had a meeting with the areas Education person (can't remember her full title) that the problem with having Dyslexia and Dyspraxia we sometimes find it hard taking new information in and with getting a autism diagnosis there is a lot to take in - lucky I have my darling Hubby about to help where I forget.

so we had a really positive meeting about his education needs, we've with mega help from His Nursery applied for SCARF (Sever and Complex Accessibility Resource Funding)

Oh yes now learning a whole new vocabulary as everything is an anagram, think I'm going to need to write my own dictionary on it.

Also talked about starting the application process for EHC (Education, Health and Care) plan - if you want to find out more about it the .GOV.UK website has some great info: although if you're outside the UK reading this I'm sure a quick google search will help ☺☺

Then we had a meeting with a Speech and Language Therapist and they going to start him on PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) really looking forward to that, as my son is non verbal. I am hoping it becomes a way for us to communicate better with each other. Although just a hug between us can say a thousand words.

I have also been proactive I have joined a parents group and attended two course in a local special school resource centre - Strategies for Kids with Speech and Language Difficulties and Starting the Autism Journey.

Both have been so informative and just being able to meet other parents and know I am not the only one going through this and finding out about why he does thing and getting a small glimps into how they think and process things is truly amazing and so helpful.

It's true what they say Knowledge is Power and it this case it the Power to feel positive, to Feel no so helpless and to feel that you will definitely be able to do this.

This is the power I so needed right now, so now turning into Dyslexic cooking Mum - Autism armchair specialist!

My new found positivity is spilling over into other things I've started training again as I am going to run the Hackney Half marathon this April.

Although I still have other things going on in my life that are not so positive (won't bore you with my work related stuff nightmares) at least my personal part of my life is looking a lot better.

I've also gone back to trying to eat health and decided to make Potato Cakes. Now I know I did this before but I have rehashed the recipe a bit - to add some Super Speed food - yes I am back on Slimming world but also some other ingredients to make them a bit more filling.

I took: 

2 potatoes
1 bag of Sprouts
4 rashes of reduced fat bacon - or normal bacon with all the fat cut off before cooking
2 tbs of Quark

Boil up the potatoes and the sprouts.

Mash together.

While the potatoes and sprout are cooking get your 4 rashers of bacon

And cut into pieces

Add the cooked bacon and the quark to the mashed up sprouts and potateos

Then once the mixture is all combined roll into balls

Place on a baking tray then cook in a 200 degree oven for 25 minutes.

Now you can either eat these fresh straight from the oven or let them cool and use them as a fab snack for picnics or anywhere really.

All I know is there healthy and tasty.

Just so glad I got to find time to do a bit of cooking and share it with you all.

As with everything going on it nice to share my passion for cooking.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Some .......... "News"

So I've haven't written in a while, nearly two months.

Why you ask, why indeed well where to start...

In December we got the "-----" news that our son is Autistic, diagnose with "Autism Spectrum Disorder" - The reason I left that space blank before news is there so many words I could put there.

The most obvious on is Bad news - but I don't think I like that term, as my son went into the Doctors office the same way he came out of it - he hadn't changed that always been a part of him, so it can't be "bad" as that would make some part of who he is bad and he's just fantastic.

I could use "informative" but that wouldn't sum it up either as being told your child has autism is information of a type.  It's helpful you are a name round it, but then you realize you have no real knowledge and are woefully under informed on the subject.

The internet has been helpful and especially the National Autistic Society but it's not the whole story and you have to do the leg work. You get told about these organisation but then you have to leave the Doctors office come blinking into the light and have to do something when frankly the first thing you want to do is cry.

I could have used the word "Harsh" or "Unfair" as it is a bit harsh to get this news, at the time really I felt really unfair why us, actually more why me. What did I do to deserve this. Like the universe had it in for me especially even though it my Son who is suffering - luckily the unfair thoughts wore off quickly as just looking around the world my life is anything but unfair.

I could have used the word "Painful" as a bit like harsh it hurts, it was like being winded. You feel the pain but as the wind is knocked out of you, so you can't express the feelings within.

I could have used the word "confirmed" news, as anyone with a Autistic child before the diagnosis knows there is something wrong, my son is a brilliant little boy but not in the same way as the other children in his nursery. As he's my first and currently only child to me all his quirks seem sort of normal in the closed setting of our living room but in a room full of other children you can see he's walking his own path.

I could of said "Hard" news as it will be hard as there is help out there but the world is set up for the standard (I nearly said normal but I hate that word as no one is truly normal) world and if your world is different it will be harder to engage and access the same things. For example my son doesn't look at people when they're talking to him, he can hear them fine but without the standard social convention of eye contact most people give up.

Now I'm not having a go about that as it is a social convention and even now when I'm talking to someone and they look at their phone I do think I'm sure they're not listening to me. But I do talk crap most of the time so not really their fault.

So it will be hard as I will need to make concessions, plan more for even simple activities and will have to engage on a higher level with services like Schools, institutions and social activities to make sure he is getting the most out of life.

Being a parent is hard so extra challenges just add another layer of hardness - not that it's not worth the all the extra effort.

That's why I'm just going to leave the statement as just plain old "News".

As it will be hard it will be painful it will be harsh at times, but it also will be brilliant, amazing, wonderful and ultimately so worth it.

I am a strong mumma bear and my disabilities have sometime been hard to over come but I over came and I am a better person for it. So I know the challenges my son will face in his lifetime he will over come and will go to shape him into an even more amazing person.

So from now on my blog like me will be altered - it will still have food, Disney, dyslexic, dyspraxia and general life stuff but will now have a new addition of Autism - I hope to learn and pass on knowledge I find out and be a record of our little journey through life.

Who knows he could be reading this while siting in his Prime Minister office or the set of his next block buster or in the middle of nowhere search for a new species of newt.

He has so many possibilities and so much to see and do and I know that it is my job to make sure his Autism is never an reason for him not achieving - so woe betide anyone who says he can't do that or he's not capable of... as they will have do deal with an angry dyslexiccook lol 

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Disney Run So Much Fun

So I'm back from my Amazing trip from Disney World

So I am going to be posting a lot of info from the trip but also as it nearly Christmas, lots of Christmassy stuff too.

But though I'd start off with posting about my Disney Run.

Firstly had to go to the expo - was so nervous about the run, that there was so much good merchandise saying "I did it" I was too afraid to buy anything just in case I didn't make it.

Well I did get to meet Lumiere so at leas that was worth the trouble and got my goodie bag with my free top in it.

So the race day, it all started at a very early I had to get up a 3am to get the bus at 3.30am - go the free bus from my hotel to the holding Area.

At the holding area they had music blaring out and thankfully a lot of toilets what is it with nerves and the need to wee, it not great!!

I managed to take my mind off the impending 13 miles I would have to trudge and got to meet Remy and his brother Emile.

Although the 2 hours from the time I got to the holding area to the start of the race flew by, and it was time get into the corral and the slow walk to the start line.

Luckily they penned me in as it seemed so ominous especially as they let the corral go one by one and they all started to the sound of fireworks, boom!! RUN! boom! RUN.

So I got closer, closer and then it was READY, STEADY. GO! GO! GO! oh and BOOM BOOM BOOM of our fireworks.

I was off !!

I was a bit of a slow start as you're caught in the pack with the other guys and girls of your corral, but once they'd thinned I was off at I think was pretty good pace.

It was a fresh clear morning and everyone at this point in the race had their energy level high, the first mile went so quickly when I was trying to take it all in.

Between the 2nd and the 3rd mile I passed the 3hour pace setters, so my target in my head which started in just getting round and finishing before the cow catcher got me. My new target was finish and finish under 3 hours.

My confidence grew as mile 4 was coming up as I knew that I would be coming up on Animal Kingdom

It was so, so much fun running through the Animal Kingdom before it was open there was also some photopass by that time I was still feeling really good.

Running and Running, I really wished I brought some head phones as when you left the Animal Kingdom there wasn't really much to see, until you hit mile 11 when you where coming up on Epcot.

I know in previous years they did run the half through Hollywood Studio, but due to all the construction they couldn't so don't get me wrong running through Disney and seeing areas you wouldn't necessarily is great I just though it was bit far between Animal Kingdom and Epcot from a psychological point of view

Disney did try their best and put on entertainment and character to meet (although as I was trying to get round didn't want to stop for pictures)

But as the sun came up it got hot very hot so my pace dropped off I think Mile 8 to 9 was the hardest and I did think at that point if I had a way out I would have taken it.

There was a lot of water and gatoraid stops to keep me going but the sun was hot.

Although as soon as I saw mile 10 Double figures - I felt okay again and knew I was going to complete it.

Didn't help that at around that point that you needed to run up a fly over, I can run but I hate hill it wasn't even that big but my legs were tired. Although I did get to run down the other side.

So I could see the entrance to Epcot, was still a long way off but I knew my Husband and Son would be their to support me and that spurred me on.

After well past the 2 hour mark I made it into the car park of Epcot to enter the park, I thought I would see my family then but I didn't. Did feel a little disappointed and started to worry that they didn't make it and I wouldn't see them.

I put that to the back of my mind as I had the other side to find them.

At Epcot they had the photo pass people too, as you can see there is a big difference between my Animal Kingdom cold morning mile 4 and my Hot sun long run mile 12

I made it round the mile of Epcot and people where starting to come into the park so I got a cheer which really help. Honestly if you ever go to see a run if you see people cheer as it really helps.

So outside the other side of Epcot on the last bit on the run I finally saw my family I was so happy, although I didn't want to stop as the end was so near and I just wanted to make sure I finished and got my hand on that medal

I crossed the finish line, didn't get a good picture boo

Although the feeling I had could be summed up in a picture. I felt amazing I had such a sense of achievement - although did feel a bit sick a bit dehydrated and very hungry.

They lovely people at the end of the run gave me water, a banana and of course my medal

So yay I did it 13.1 miles all that training paid off which made all those early morning an late night runs worth it. I also did it in 2 Hour 54 Minutes - So made it in the under 3 hours mark.

I spend the rest of the day in the medal, hobbling about - your legs do hurt after that amount of running.

But I managed to treat myself!!

So will definitely keep up the running and definitely want to do another Disney Run - hmm thinking of the Princess Half.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Bananas, Banana Bread

Sorry, sorry, sorry!

Gosh I've been saying that a lot latly with regards to the blog.

It's just trying to juggle a job, a mad, but super fun 3 year old (he went three the other week crazy hey) so time just got away from me a bit.

But I'm off to Disney world in 3 days so I plan to get loads of blogging material might even write a few when I'm over there on my Blogger app. (Although will sort out the photo when I'm back as the app, well I can't work out on the app, how to get the pics right)

Any who before all the Disney madness I thought I add a cooking blog, blog lol.

A few weeks back at my inlaws I made them a lovely Banana loaf with the help of my glamours assistant my husband.

So what you will need is 

3 Bananas
140g Flour
140g Butter
140g sugar
1 tsp Baking Powder 
2 eggs 

First weigh out the sugar

and the Butter 

And cream them together

Then weight the flower 

And whisk two eggs

Fold in the flower and the eggs

Then add a 1tps of Baking Powder

Then take your 3 bananas

Chop them 

Then smush (my technical term for the below) lol  them together a much as you can

Then fold this into the mixture 

After that your mixture should be ready for the oven

Then spoon it into a loaf team 

and cook in a 180 degree oven for around 50 minutes.

And Enjoy it with some fizz.

Right so hope you make enjoy it and love it!!

Also keep an eye out in the coming week for all my Disney posts so excited!!!

Friday, 7 October 2016

Scotland Run and a Run

So went to Scotland to visit the in laws

Now for any of you who have read my blog before you know they live right near Loch Lomond the gateway to the fabulous countryside.

So we always do a lot of the same thing but his time we ventured out a bit more, get me, changing my routine - I shall alert the media lol.

So we went to the Falls of Falloch - such a beautiful waterfall and it's also a short walk from the car park which is great with a little one.

It all seems very mystical I'm surprised I didn't see an fairies or sprites :) 

Also on the way back home got to visit a great pub call The Drovers Inn it's over 300 years old and Rob Roy drank there. 

It's also supposed to be haunted. 

Don't know about the Haunting but it did have some nice spirits, to drink (See what I did there lol).

The bar staff are really knowledgeable and help me pick a lovely Whiskey that was nice and smooth.

It also a beautiful trip trip back through some stunning scenery 

We then headed to the pub Oak Tree Inn in Balmaha for some food. I had a lovely Scottish Smoked Salad and a cheeky wine.

It was so lovely, fresh and tasty and was very nice paired with a Pinot,

They also Dumpling which is kinda like Christmas pudding. Not 100% sure what it was all I know it was yummy and would definitely have it again..

Or the sticky toffee pudding my other half had, honestly I only tasted it so I could report back to you lot - well that's what it told him :) 

As with any trip to Scotland we visited the Loch Lomond Sealife Centre. It's so near to where we were staying and the little one loves it.

Now it's not the biggest sealife centre about, but it does have a great array of sea-life :)

We made the most of staying with the inlaws and got a couple of dining out chances without the little one.

We went lunch at The Balloch House they have a nice selection of wine and also my current favourite tipple Black Cow Vodka but as we were having Italian I paired it with a lovely Rose

We order off their Pizza menu - really reaonably priced around £10 each and they were huge.

Just look at the size of them, I pretended I was healthy and had a salad as a side order, Paul went for Chips

You could tell they were hand made and they tasted divine especially for the price. I left feeling very full.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is visiting that area.

The next day to burn off the pizza calories we visited Loch Katrine where as it was such a nice day we hired bikes - the bike rental for all three of us for the hour was on £21 

It was the first time the little one had ever been on a bike, well in a wagon on a back of a bike (it was really hilly so glad the hubby was pulling him along instead of me lol).

It is such beautiful countryside and the little one just loved it.

Honestly if I could get paid to write I would seriously consider moving up there as he thought it was great as he could just run and run and run.

Unfortunately the demand for dyslexic travel and food writers aren't that plentiful. I have no idea why :) oh well guess I have to stick to the 9-5.

But back to how beautiful it was amazing sky, wonderful mountains and fantastic Loch that make you want to dive in - well that is if it wasn't so cold and you remembered to bring your swim suit 

I could have stayed looking at the water for hours. But the bikes needed to be back.

It was a bit of a flying visit, but no trip to Scotland would be complete without a cheeky night out at Cameron House- it where we got married so has a special place in our hearts.

It also a stunning hotel and it everything you would expect from a Scottish Hotel. tartan on the walls, big roaring fires and a great selection of whisky. Although I had a couple of wines.

We also paired the wine with a couple of snack, a fantastic baked Camembert.

and a ham, Cheese and Bread-stick board (with a couple of cheeky olives.

The perfect accompaniment to a nice cold glass of wine.

The staff and the service is totally amazing as well, they really take care of you.

Also when I say they have a great selection of whiskey's I really mean it.

But I had to head back as I was taking part in a 5k run for Race for Life Cancer Research with a few of my friends.

But it wasn't just a normal 5k it was a Pretty Muddy 5k meaning the course was punctuated with fun obstacles full of mud.

Well apart from the space hopper challenge bit, I haven't been on a space hopper in years but glad I still remember how to do it and didn't totally embarrass myself

So it was lots of fun and I made it through till the end still smiling.

To prove how muddy it actually was here is a before and after picture.

Unfortunetly the white top could not be saved and had to go in the bin.

But the good news is we raised around £1500 which will go to help fund research to help find a cure for this awful disease.

It was also good prep for my Run Disney Half Marathon that is coming up in November super excited and super scared all at the same time, fingers crossed I can get round - will keep you posted.